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Whenever the ball is last touched by the attacking team and passes over the goal line (except on the scoring of a goal) a goal kick is awarded to the defending team.  The kick is to be taken from any place within the goal area.  All opponents must be outside the penalty area and may not enter the area until the ball has exited the area. 

The ball is in play when it leaves the penalty area.  If it does not leave the area or if a player from either team touches it before it leaves the area, the kick is to be retaken.  The kicker may not touch the ball again until another player has touched it.

A goal may not be scored directly from a goal kick.  There are no off sides on a goal kick regardless of the position of the other team's players.

  • In CLCF short field games kicks by the keeper or by any other player from within the penalty area may go past mid-field in the air.  The penalty is an Indirect Kick for the opposing team from the mid-field position





Whenever the ball is last touched by the defending team and passes over the goal line (except on the scoring of a goal) a corner kick is awarded to the attacking team.  The kick is to be taken from within the one-yard arc on the side where the ball went out of bounds.  All opponents must be not less than 10 yards from the ball. 

 A corner kick is a direct kick and a goal may be scored from the kick.  Infractions by the defending team result in a re-kick.



Law 18:  The Reason for the Game


            Let the kids have fun !!!


            The first reason for participating in CLCF Soccer is to let our children have fun and enjoy themselves.  Developing athletic and social skills is second. Learning about the game of soccer is third. Everything else comes last.


            Everyone likes to win, but winning is not the objective of the game.  Winning is a reward for accomplishment.  Learning to win with grace and to lose with dignity is an essential part of growing up to be adults. We adults should not cheat our children by reinforcing through our sideline behavior that winning is the ultimate goal.


            For coaches, parents, and spectators it is far more enjoyable and rewarding to leave the field of play having watched our children having fun and learning from mistakes than it is to be frustrated because the other team came out on top today.


Let the kids have fun !!

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